Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wine touring, Bull fighting and strawberry picking

Our next event was organized by the office of Education as like a cultural event thing, so we all woke up at 8:00am on a Saturday and climbed onto a bus in the POURING rain to set off on our field trip wine tasting, bull fighting and strawberry picking.

First up was the wine tasting.. It was done in this old abandoned steam train tunnel that they had renovated so that the whole tunnel is covered in wine bottles and there are tables inside and cheese platters and everything. The ambiance and the atmosphere were amazing! The wine and the cheese... absolutely terrible. It was white wine which was pretty much sweeter than desert wine and can only be described as 'Headache in a bottle', the cheese was slices of those pre-cut processed cheese things you get in the supermarket and some watercrackers.
However it was really pretty and still a lot of fun!!

Kaylyn and Sally

Just one example of Korea's amazing grammatically correct signs.. You'd think with the amount of foreigners around that they would get someone to double check it...

Well after this it was time for Bull fighting, I was not sure what to expect but absolute boredom was not one of the options. You literally sit and stare at a bull with a red ribbon and a bull with a blue ribbon butt heads until the one gives up and runs away... The only thing that made it even remotely interesting was that you could bet on it so I got to watch half my friends lose their money and the other half win some...

At lunch before the bull fighting... Sally drinking makoli (마골랴) a traditional type of alcohol made from rice...

After this followed the strawberry picking which was the highlight as we got to fill this huge bucket with strawberries and we were allowed to eat as many as we wanted along the way :)

All in all I would say that it was a very successful trip except for the rain! After all the walking in the rain between events my feet were soaked and I looked like a drowned rat.
And the next day I woke up with the flu from hell and ended up having to go to the hospital... But there is a silver lining as I now know an English hospital department to go to who are SO helpful and I discovered that Korean medical care is amazing and ridiculously cheap!!

I would recommend the trip to all though. Cheongdo is an interesting place and very close to Daegu. The Daegu compass offers tours there during the wine and bull fighting season.