Saturday, May 19, 2012

Haeundae and Gwangalli beach

This time we were going to Busan for a friend of ours from Orientation's Birthday. We were only meeting everyone on Saturday though so Sally, Kaylyn and I decided to spend the whole weekend there and went through on Friday after school...
The first night we stayed at this really cute hostel called Indie guesthouse, it was really cheap and really clean and even included breakfast and the people were so friendly! It was also about a 2 minute walk from Hyundae Beach (the most popular beach in Korea) so it was a great location. We arrived that night and got a cab from the station but somehow managed to give the cab driver the wrong directions in Korean so ended up on the complete opposite side of Busan and a ridiculously expensive cab fair but hey, its how you learn!
That night we grabbed dinner and then headed out for the night and met up with a bunch of people we met at orientation and did some bar hopping along the beach, it was a lot of fun!
The next day we pretty much just lounged on Hyundae beach, it was so pretty!

That afternoon, the rest of the kids arrived and we took all our stuff to the new hostel that we stayed in that night with the rest of them which was also really good! It was called Pobi guesthouse and also included breakfast in the price and was about R140 for the night and they gave us towels and bedding and there was even shampoo and conditioner to use in the bathroom.
Once we all got settled in we headed off to Gwangali beach for dinner where the famous diamond bridge is, it was really pretty because the restaurants are all directly on the beach and the bridge is all lit up at night which looks stunning! After that we went down to the university district and danced the night away :)

They projected Ghandi quotes onto the sand at about midnight... it was so pretty!!

The next morning we all headed back pretty early as we were dead tired and pretty excited to sleep in our own beds :) It was a really great weekend!

Gwangalli beach is a lot more happening than Haeundae beach. There are countless bars and restaurants along the beach and the beach itself is not as crowded as Haeundae. 
Both are easily accessible by subway.