Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the classroom

Most of the photo's I have taken in class have been at many random times so I thought I would upload a few here for you all to see what my class and students look like...

She is the cutest! she holds my hand every time she sees me! I only see these kindergarten kids on a friday though...

View from my school

The kids can go on these computers for extra revision

My classroom with the interacvtive smartboard at the front. its a lot of fun to use!

Tables and chairs for the students to read all the great books that are on those bookshelves (they never do)

Here the kindergarten teacher called me over to have photos with all the kids. Adorable. 

How cute is she?!

I want to take this little boy home with me!!
These are my Kindergarten kids that I see every Friday. They are the most adorable things!! and I don't even teach them, i basically just play with them for an hour or so...

Next are my 6th graders, We were doing the lesson 'What will you do?' and it was all about what you could do for show and tell and a talent show so in the last lesson I let them bring their instruments and show us what they could do... I tried to upload the videos i have but for some reason they wouldn't work! I will try again in another post so here are some pics :)

Most of the students did something with a musical instrument and they were all really good! I had a few pianists that blew my mind. I do feel a little sorry for them though as quite a few of them would tell me how much they hated playing the piano but their parents wouldn't let them stop. A lot of Korean students are sent to music private schools after school so they are quite sick of having to study all the time. Quite understandable but none the less these kids are highly talented.