Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busan - First time laying my eyes on a beach in Korea

So the last time I signed off I told you all I was doing a 10km walk for charity... Turns out that didn't happen. We all went out the Friday night and needless to say none of us were in the state to walk 10km the next day and so on a whim we decided to take the ktx(super fast train) to Busan and enjoy a day on the beach.
It was really great! Sally and I pretty much just lounged on the beach all day until we could muster up the effort to get up and go get something to eat at a restaurant nearby. I hadn't realised how much I missed the beach until I was there again, the smell of the sea was just amazing! It was really strange though because we didn't have a lot of time in Busan since it was a very last minute decision thing so we just looked on the map for the closest beach to Busan station and hopped in a cab and went there. While we were driving Sally and I were looking at eachother thinking 'Did we just say the right thing to this cab driver in Korean?' because I could see no coast line anywhere, just building after building... But then completely out of the blue he just turned left at the robot and there was the beach, in the middle of downtown Busan surrounded my skyscrapers, it felt so bizzare!

This was the beach we were at: Songdohasu beach or 송도해수욕장

Our attempt at a self photo with the sun in our eyes!

See what I mean about surrounded by buildings?

Chicken on a stick! Everything here is either on a stick or in a cup...