Sunday, May 20, 2012

Round and about Daegu

Ok so this is just a random collection of pictures from some events round and about Daegu...

A wig party at the pent house suite of one of our friends friends...

St paddy's day celebrations, liz, me and sally

More St Paddy's day celebrations... Liz, me, Sally and Kaylyn

Soju! Korean alcohol made from rice... its cheaper than a 2L bottle of water!!

Outside gogo party(the drink in the bag place) they give you free sparklers! its the best!!

Yes that is me in the box... with the owner of gogo, he loves us! I suppose we give him quite a lot of business!

Penthouse party again.. Me, ally, wendy and sally

Penthouse party

Gogo party

Seomun market, famous market in korea

Seomun market again

International athletics (olympics practice) at Daegu Stadium

International athletics again!