Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome one and all

Hello Blogger World!

Ok so this is my first time writing a blog. I am very new to this concept and since I don't even look at too many blogs myself I have NO idea what I am doing. I am hoping that this post somehow finds its way onto my page... Add to this the fact that half this website is in Korean makes me wonder how I didn't give up an hour ago.

Anyways here goes... I decided to create this blog for everyone who I was always e-mailing to let you know about how its going with life in Korea. As I am sure you have all noticed, the e-mails just seem to get longer and longer and soon I am going to be sending you novel long e-mails and I know that no one wants to read all that... So this is a way for me to post everything that I feel is worth mentioning and you guys can all check in whenever you have some free time. That also means that if I just have a random story to tell or fact to share I can just post it here for all to see later without writing it down on a post it (that I will most likely lose) so I don't forget to include it in the next e-mail.
I can also include video's and photo's on here so you can all get a better idea of what life in Korea is like.

In case you were wondering about the title of this blog, Waygook or 외국 is the Korean word for foreigner, the rest I am sure you can figure out on your own.

The last e-mail you all received was quite a while ago so I will add a few posts to this to let you all know what has been going on... I hope that you all enjoy my attempt at this blog :)

If I end up helping some people living in Korea or thinking of coming to Korea with this blog well then that's just an added benefit!

Happy days!