Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I am baaaaack ;)


I would like to apologize for being so quiet over the past few weeks. The reason for this is that I am now working at two schools which means double the workload and number of students.
I am at my old school Mondays and Fridays and my new school Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have about 5 extra afternoon classes at my new school which adds to the amount of lesson planning that I need to get done but it also means I get paid extra as its above the 22 hours a week that my contract says I have to work for.
So let me begin with the fact that my new school is AMAZING!! It is like some gift from heaven, my students are so sweet and their English level is SO much higher than the English level at my old school, but the biggest difference would have to be that they actually WANT to learn English! I finally feel like I am an actual teacher and not just a funny looking parrot they get to stare at and repeat. I can communicate with my students and in most of my classes my co teachers don’t even translate a word! I can make my own materials and teach them things they will actually use instead of some stupid textbook that has expressions you would NEVER hear in everyday English. To make matters even better I have absolutely amazing co-teachers that help me out if I need it and give me all the information I need and are generally just really friendly.
We also have video conference lessons on a Wednesday with 5th grade where we do like a skype class with students in Australia. The students in each class will do a presentation on that day’s topic and then the students can ask each other questions. I think this is the best idea ever and is a serious step up in terms of technology! The students can learn all about Australian culture and students and use their English in a practical setting. Both Australian and Korean students really enjoy the class and it really motivates them with regards to learning English.
I then also have some adult and kindergarten classes in the evenings after school which makes my weeks crazy busy and time just flies by! I cannot believe we are already in June! 

Anyways I hope this explains why I have been so distant! 

Have a fantastic day :)