Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Jinhae cherry blossom festival

One Sunday we took a bus up to jinhae to go to the cherry blossom festival. As most of you have seen from my facebook photos, the cherry blossoms in Spring in Korea are sooooo pretty! They are everywhere and it completely transforms this drab looking grey wintery city into a little spring in itself. 
However the cherry blossoms did arrive very early this year so when we got to jinhae they were already falling down and more were on the floor than on the trees but it was still a pretty sight! WE also arrived just in time to see the parade that goes through the down, I think it is done by the members of the Korean army and navy.
The town of Jinhae itself was also a great experience, I never knew such friendly Korean people existed! We were carted into almost every coffee shop and food store in sight to come and sample some kind of treat and get asked all the usual ‘where are you from?’ ‘Why are you in korea?’ questions.
There were huge tents with all sorts of food displayed, some of the stranger were stuffed squid, pigs feet and whale. Yes, whale! Now I have tried every kind of creepy crawly this country has to offer from bugs to chicken feet to intestines but WHALE is one thing I just cannot bring myself to try. If anything I think it’s more of a matter of principal than anything else, I think killing whales is just unbelievably sad! And from the way Koreans treat animals I am gonna say it’s pretty much a given that they are not killed in a very nice humane way. 
Anyways here are some photos to follow. 


Liz and Katy found Hoola hoops

tiny little tea shop we found along the way :)
Beautiful tea cups and tea pots 
Pork spit

Stuffed squid

Cherry blossoms falling to the floor