Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christmas in Korea

Christmas in Korea was not something I was very much looking forward to as I love Christmas sooooo much and Koreans dont really celebrate Christmas so it would just be a let down. Turns out I was wrong, its not really celebrated but there were decorations around still, trees in the subway stations, father Christmas hats and lights in the shops and some decorations at school. What made it even more Christmassy was the weather! I remember smsing mom about a week before Christmas as I was walking in the snow listening to Micheal Bubles new Christmas album, it really made it feel like the Christmas you see in movies J For Christmas eve we decided to do a potluck dinner at one of my friends houses and do secret santa, it was so much fun! And we turned out a great deal of good food. Celebrating Christmas with all my friends in Korea was great, we have all substituted for the families none of us have here so I didnt really feel like I missed out on much. This might be due to the fact that I was going home four days later but oh well, Christmas was great none the less! A few days before we also went and took really cheesy Christmas card photos at a local photoshop wearing the most ridiculous Christmas jumpers we could find! I am sure most of you received this photo over e-mail but Ill add a few for you all to see J

Christmas celebrations in Yeongdong. Simone, Nicky, Lauren, me and Daisy (All from SA)

Christmas morning opening presents :)

My fav SA girls 

Christmas eve dinner party

Christmas cupcakes

Jamming it up in a noraebang (karaoke room)

Owen and gabby's home made Christmas sweaters

Christmas eve dinner

Mo and I had matching jerseys 

All the girls on Christmas eve

Cheesy xmas photo's. Wendy being a tool in the middle haha

Makkoli christmas celebrations