Thursday, February 21, 2013

Global Festival

The DMOE(Daegu metropolitain office of Education) decided to hold a Global Festival where each country that has native teachers in South Korea is represented and volunteers take part to teach students about each country. So they sent out e-mails asking us to help out with the event. One of my friends Justine and her husband and I decided to help out with the South Africa part of the festival. It turned out to be a lot of fun but also a lot of work! We had to decorate two classrooms, make posters, organize materials we needed the dmoe to buy for us etc. It took about 4 afternoons of setting up to get the rooms done and I wont lie they looked pretty awesome. The SA embassy in Korea sponsored us some huge flags and mini flags and a few posters and then I painted a huge South African flag too. The DMOE also got a whole bunch of great posters made for us. What I found quite surprising was that South Africa is the 2nd largest country represented in Korea! So we had two classrooms for us to use and there were about 14 of us volunteering so I got to meet some new people J We had to have different activities so we did a face painting zone and photo booth area where we painted the kids faces and they could take photos with props. Then we also did a scavenger hunt, beading(in all the south African colors and they learnt what each color meant), Making Makarapa hats(which I had never heard of before this thing), cultural spin the wheel where you learn about the different cultures, learning about the big five and making a South African flag with painted hand prints. It was a two day event on Saturday and Sunday and there were 1000 people there on Saturday alone! It was crazy busy and I think I must have painted hundreds of kids faces. I can safely say I never want to paint a South African flag again! Also I realized through this thing how little I actually know about my own country. I had to make the big poster of the map of South Africa and label all the landmarks. So obviously I know where all the main landmarks are like table mountain and such but there were some that I was like, oh yes I know that landmark but I have no idea where on the map it goes! I had to google like 80% of it! I am SO bad at geography! I have taken to studying a world map because it is definitely not only South Africa I am clueless about. Wooops I clearly slept through those classes at school!
Anyways here are a few photos showing you what the room looks like and all. The other countries represented were Ireland, UK, Oceania(Australia and New Zealand)-who had to recruite USA volunteers cuz thats how few of them there are teaching here haha, USA, Canada, China, Japan……….
Ill add some photos of their rooms as well.

One part of the first SA room

The photobooth area, once they had their faces painted they could have a photo in front of either picture 

Making makarapa hats 

One of the fussy kids who didnt want the face paint on his face. sigh.

New Zealand (That's Dorian)

New Zealanders serving veggie mite and marmite on crackers







I had to draw that flag, you wouldn't think getting the proportions correct would be that hard, took forever!

One of the girls drew the outline of the face and then I Painted it and the jersey (pretty proud of my springbok)

Props for the photobooth

Photobooth fun 

A well deserved hunters after a long day! (Only one place that stocks it!)

Our SA Global Festival team. Yes I was the ONLY unmarried one...