Thursday, February 21, 2013


For Halloween we all decided to go to Seoul since its a much bigger and more western city and so we assumed there would be more going on there. There definitely was! There were zombies walking the street and mummies and serial killers, it was pretty entertaining for someone who doesnt see this kind of thing back home. However the Americans were very disappointed at the lack of Halloween spirit they saw. My one friend Gabby who is from Florida was so upset by this that she threw us a Halloween dinner at her house. Complete with decorations, pumpkin pie and Halloween games. She even had prizes for us, it was really sweet! Halloween is her favorite holiday so she said that she wanted us to experience a little bit of it. One thing I can say is that when I go to America to stay with all my friends I am definitely going during the months of October(Halloween), November(thanksgiving) and December(Christmas). We had a thanksgiving dinner here too and I think I ate my weight in turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, seriously someone needs to bring the pumpkin pie novelty to SA! Its soooo good!
Anyways back to Halloween in Seoul, we all decided to get full length head-to-toe animal suits which I am pretty sure Koreans use as pyjamas but oh well. It was getting cold at that time so they kept us warm and dry(since it has a hood and it rained) and they were super comfy!! The whole night was not all that successful though because Seoul nightlife is much bigger than Daegus and there were just too many of us so everyone split up and got lost and most of the night was spent trying to find people and meet up. It was still fun though, I think the animal suits were the best part of it :)
I will upload some photos below. Also we wore the suits again for one of my friends birthdays in Daegu, Ill add some of those photos too.

 Oh and in case its not obvious, I was a pig :)