Friday, August 02, 2013

Geoje Island

So in Korea Buddha's birthday is a national holiday so we had the Friday the 17th of May off. At first we had though about going to Jeju island but when we looked into it all the flights were sold out and we heard it would be REALLY busy and crowded that weekend so it was probably a blessing in disguise. 
Liz, Aubrey, Gareth and I then decided we really wanted to hire a car and road trip somewhere, preferably somewhere with a beach and that's how we decided on Geoje Island. It is very convenient for a road trip as it has a really big highway connecting it to the mainland so you don't have to go through the hassle of loading your car onto a ferry or something. The drive itself was beautiful! The highway that you drive along gives you a view of all the surrounding islands and scenery and I tried really hard to capture this on camera but the railings of the bridge ruined my photo so I found some online that shows you what it looks like. 

My photos from the drive up

My photos from the drive up

Highway to the island

We decided to camp this weekend so that was also a very good reason to hire a car as that meant we could pile all our stuff into it and not have to worry about lugging it all from one bus stop to the next. Once we arrived on Geoje we made our way over to the beach we were camping on called Gujora beach (구조라). It turns out that many other foreigners had decided on the same beach and we ended being surrounded by friends and familiar faces which definitely added to the gees of the weekend. 

Road tripping it down. Gareth had an international drivers licence so he did all the driving for us.
 Here are a few photos of Gujora beach and us setting up camp.

Setting up camp

 Once we had set up and got all our gear out of the car we were pretty hungry and decided to make our way over to the local restaurants and try out some of their famous seafood. 

This is the little fishing village in the middle of town

The locals selling fresh seafood in the harbour

These are what most seafood restaurants in korea look like. They have all the seafood in tanks outside and you can pick what you want. 
We decided on Seafood stew. They bring it to you like this and then you let it boil and all the flavors and spices seep into everything and it turns into a spicy seafood broth type thing. Was pretty good. 

Gareth messing about with the octopus  

Once lunch was over we made our way back to camp for a relaxed evening filled with braaing and chilling on the beach with friends. It was a great night!! 

Aubrey and Gareth being cute as usual

It got pretty chilly at night!

The boys setting up the fire for us
 The next day we did some exploring to a famous beach nearby that is called the black pebble beach because there are black pebbles instead of sand. It makes an amazing sound when the waves break. After the pebble beach we went exploring around our beach and found a bamboo forest type thing that took us up to quite a high point on the island with an absolutely amazing view! 

Pebble beach

Bamboo forest

Amazing views

Aubrey, Ina, Justine, Liz and I 
They found a very high wall to get up on to

Some burial mounds along the way

We spent another night braaing and chilling on the beach before it started to rain at about 10 o clock and didn't stop till the following morning, resulting in us sleeping in puddles in our tents and getting back in the car to go home VERY early the next morning! 

Night time entertainment

Even with the rain though it was an amazing trip and I would definitely like to go back! 

What the following morning looked like

 I recommend this Island to anyone in Korea! Great place to make a trip to :)