Friday, August 02, 2013

Boseong green tea fields (보성 녹차밭)

Liz and I have wanted to see the green tea fields for quite a while now and so we picked a weekend we didn't have any other plans and decided to head over there. Its pretty far from Daegu as you first have to make your way to Gwangju which is about a 4 hour bus trip and then another 1 and a half hour bus trip to the tea fields. So we decided to go up straight after school on Friday and stay at my friend Gwens place in Gwangju where we had some dinner and caught up with her and then we made our way over to the tea fields early Saturday morning. 
It was an amazing sight! The tea fields stretched for miles and miles all along the hillsides and everything was just so green! you can walk through them all the take a little bit of a hike up the to the top where you get a view of the whole area. It was a bit of an overcast day though so the mist made the view not as spectacular but it was still pretty great. We spent a few hours exploring and walking around before going back down to the base and enjoying some very good green tea ice-cream and buying souvenirs from the gift shop. 

I was surprised at how hard and waxy the leaves were.

This means I love Boseong

Once we were done we made the long journey back to Daegu and arrived about 7 that evening.