Friday, August 02, 2013

Barefoot walk in Daejeon

A few of us found out about this 7km barefoot clay walk that was taking place in Daejeon so we decided to take the bus down and take part. It was free entry for foreigners and the clay was said to have medicinal value and make your feet nice and soft. I didn't really care, they had me at walking barefoot in squishy clay! 
It was a Sunday so we took the bus pretty early Sunday morning and met the rest of our crew in Daejeon where there was a shuttle bus that took you to the site of the walk. There were 7 of us that decided to go, 5 of us were South African and then Gwens co teacher came along and my friend Gabby from America came too. It was good to reminisce with some people about home and find out yet again just how small the world is and how many people we all know and are friends with but it took us moving to Korea to actually meet :) It turned out to be a really pretty sunny day and the area we walked in was beautiful, the mud was definitely squishy and was a lot of fun to play around in. I saw some kids pretty much covered in it! My feet did indeed feel nice and soft afterwards and it was great to be able to see yet another part of Korea. 

Gabby posing like a Korean

Gwens co teacher, Gabby, me, Kirst

They had areas along the way with squishier mud that you could play in

Our group. We got medals for completing the walk :) 

On the way there was a dancing show going on. Not 100% sure what it was for as it was all in Korean but it was fun to watch.

Claire, Kirst, me, Gabby, Gwens co teacher, Gwen

Dirt feet after a few hours in the mud

Here you could put your feet in the mud and then stand on the paper to make footprints

My muddy footprints :)
Till next time.