Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pohang Fireworks Festival

This fireworks festival took place on the river in Pohang. Korea, China, Italy and a few other countries I cant remember took part. Each had a turn to present their fireworks displays, they were amazing!!
This was set for the Saturday night so we decided to head there on Friday as its only a hour and a half bus trip and then we had a few extra hours. We arrived on Friday evening and walked into the first motel we found on the beach. Let me just clarify that motels in Korea are mostly 'Love motels', yes it is exactly what the name suggests. Korea is a very traditional culture so the love motels were created for couples to rent for a few hours or the night if needed. It is just as shady as it sounds. Haha. When you walk in and rent a room from reception the glass is frosted so they can't see who is renting the room to add to the annonymity and when you leave you can just leave the key in the elevator or on the desk on the way out. They have turned into normal accommodation places though, as most of them are not badly priced and they are also scattered all over and easy to find. If you are checking in at 3am though, there is pretty much only one reason why.

Anyways we picked one called 'Joytel' because it was literally on the beach and the closest one to where the taxi dropped us. Walking up to the room they had love quotes all over the walls and with pictures that were a great source of amusement. When we walked into our room it was a whole lot more lavish than we expected. Everything was very modern, there was tea and coffee and like toothbrush's and stuff like that. They even had robes and slippers for you! When we turned on the light we realized it was 'mood lighting' it was like a soft hue and you could make it green or red, hilarious! needless to say trying to put make up on and get anything done in that lighting was not ideal. I then threw my stuff on the floor and jumped on the bed, when I looked up there was a mirror on the roof with the words 'Have a good time' imprinted on it. I laughed so hard! Besides for the shadyness of it, it was a good clean place to stay!!

The Saturday was spent lounging on the beach the whole day and renting those tube things you can float on in the sea. We hadn't been in much direct sunlight since summer started though so we underestimated how strong it was and even though we put a lot of sunblock on most of us were quite burnt. Sally and Liz more than me but my stomach was bright red the next day! Anyways we headed down to the fireworks that night and watched the displays with thousands and thousands of people around us. Add to that the fact that it was hot and we were all burnt so the heat was like radiating out of us and you can imagine how claustrophobic it was! We left after the main performances to try and miss the crowds back to the beach to no avail and ended up having to walk most of the way till we could find a taxi, haha. When we got back to the beach we headed over to one of the bars where I met up with some of the South African girls I had met a while back and their friends. That was really nice because being with people from home and reminiscing does sometimes help make that little bit of home sickness much easier.
The bar also had hunters dry! in korea! It was great :)

Photo's to follow...

The mirror over the bed

Beer and soju

Soju shots, not fun

Beeeaaaaaaach :)

Liz and Sally

Probably one of the only built Korean guys I have seen in Korea!

At the fireworks festival, nice and burnt!

Hunters dry!

Gabby, Nicola, Lauren and Simone at the back. Besides Gabby the rest are SA girls.

Lauren and I discovered a really convenient place to stow our drinks while dancing! Met Lauren in Korea and turns out we went to wine fest together one year.. what are the chances? Dunno whats going on with my eye?!