Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boryeong Mud Festival

This might just have been one of the most awesome events I have ever been to!

Again the transport and accommodation package was arranged for us for a fee so all we had to do was arrive and get on the bus.
Boryeong is a bit far though, the drive was about 4 hours so by the time we arrived everyone was overly excited as all the teachers from previous years had built up this event for us! And I am glad to say that it lived up to all expectations.

How to explain this festival? Well its pretty much a bunch of Koreans and foreigners alike that go into an arena sort of area and COVER each other in mud!
There are mud slides, mud pools, mud fountains, mud games, colourful mud and every other kind of mud related thing you can think of.
Apparently it started out as a small festival where people would go to sample the mud on their skin as it had medicinal properties. However the expats here seemed to love the idea and have flocked to the area since, causing them to create a much bigger event! I didn't even know Korea had so many foreigners! There were millions of white people! It was overwhelming to see so many foreign people in one place at one time.
Anyways we all piled into the arena and covered each other and everyone around us in mud, I have never been groped but so many random people before! It was hilarious! You walk in there clean and obviously since you are a bunch of girls in bikini's, guys take one look at you, look at eachother and go, hey I think those girls are too clean for this area don't you? And then you are pounced on and before you know it you can hardly see through your eyes for the mount of mud covering your face and every inch of your body!
Add to this that its legal to drink on the streets of korea and so after a while I was not just covered in mud but soju and beer too. Luckily the arena was right next to the bach so you could jump in the ocean, clean yourself off and then head over to 7/11 or family mart and stock up on more booze and head back into the mud. The only regret I have is that I couldn't take my camera in (for obvious reasons) because shit like that should seriously have been documented! One of the South African girls Justine managed to keep her camera semi dry so she got a photo of us which I'll add to this post.

After all the mud we went back to the pensions and showered and then headed to a soju and hof (soju and chicken) restaurant and after that out. To add to the craziness it was absolutely pouring with rain that night so not only were some people still muddy but we were soaked the whole night. Dancing in the clubs was lethal because you'd just slide everywhere!
We also met some South African guys that night that were really sweet and the restaurant we went to was literally crawling with South Africans, I swear they travel in packs haha.

I then thought it would be a really good idea to go back to the pension by myself, who knows why, and since you all know what an amazing sense of direction I have you can just imagine how lost I got! I was roaming the streets for ages in the rain until I finally back tracked to the club and then started again and the pension was literally a 2 minute walk from there, who knows how I got so lost!
Needless to say the next day was spent lounging around until the bus came and then sleeping the whole way home!

Me and Justine, one of the South African girls

Another one of the South African girls, Innari who also went to stell but I met her in Korea.

Covered in mud and loving it!!

Me with Kurt one of the South African guys we met on the bus on the way there

Waiting in the queue for the mud slide


Gustaf liz and I the next morning

The kids loved the mud!!

Waiting for the bus looking surprisingly good after the night before!