Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bonghwagun River Rafting

Ok so firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently but things have been hectic so far.
The last post I made was from the temple stay and after that I think things calmed down here a bit and pretty much went back to routine so there was not much to report but now I will fill you in on all the shenanigans that have happened since.

Firstly there was River Rafting in Bonghwagun. It was a trip arranged by one of the Korean groups that organize events so that foreigners can experience Korea and make friends with Koreans at the same time. It was a great trip! We left early Saturday morning, Sally, Gabby and my friend Taft joined so we met up at the main station downtown and all headed out on the bus. I'd say there was about 60 or so of us. When we arrived they organized a lunch for us and we had time to sit in the sun and relax. I hadn't realised how much I actually missed that! Yes it has been Summer in Daegu for quite a while now but Daegu summer means unbelievably humid days where you start sweating the minute you leave your apartment so on the few days when the full force sun is out and its not cloudy the last thing you want to do is stand in direct sunlight for fear of heat death. I am now coining heat death as an actual illness, if you lived here you would agree with me.
Anyways so when we were in Bonhwagun it was sunny and like normal sunny, no disgustig humidity, so you could actually sit out in it and catch a tan! I even burnt!
After lunch we headed down to the River for the rafting. You needed 10 people in your group and quite a few people had come together so we grabbed the last straglers and attached them to us. They ended up being two guys also in Epik and one Korean girl, awesome people and if you could have won prizes we would have won the GEES prize! We had so much fun!!
Although it would probably not really be counted as river rafting in any other country as the rapids were not exactly strong and besides for when we hit a rock and I slipped off the side of the boat into it, it was pretty smooth sailing. However in true Korean style the instructor who was with us reminded us every 5 seconds to be careful and strap your foot in! Water Dangerous! I was like, Dude I could swim in this, and probably not even really exert myself. But one thing I have learnt, don't argue with Koreans, if they tell you to do something, do it!
That night they had organized us a big BBQ with ALL YOU CAN DRINK BEER. Yes I did say all you can drink. So you can imagine the night was a whole lot of fun too! We all slept in pensions there which are like rooms with a bathroom but no furniture and then everyone gets like a 'mattress' (a blanket) to sleep on and a pillow and something to throw over you. So its pretty much like sleeping on the floor but I have gotten pretty used to it, I actually enjoy it now and its sooooo cheap because you can pile like 10 people in there and they only charge per room. It is pretty much the Korean version of a hostel and they are in every town and every city no matter how big or small so at least you will always have accommodation.
The next day we did some sightseeing at a temple and a cave which was kinda like the cango caves but bigger. We were all ridiculously tired and it was so hot so most of the day was spent sleeping on the bus while they drove us around.

We then arrived back in Daegu at about 8pm on Sunday. All in all a great weekend. Photo's to follow.
Our team- Taft, Thai, Sally, Gabby, Yung oon, me and John

Ultimate gees

Water fight!!

When we were actually allowed to get in the water :)

We won the water fight :)

These were fields near the place we were staying, was such a nice day!

Our Irish fried conor, still drunk from the night before, wearing sally's shirt... backwards.


Gabby in the caves

Chilling in the sun. Look how white I am!!




I don't think anyone besides sally, gabby and I realized it was a posing photo...