Thursday, October 31, 2013


It was one of the few amazing summer weekends left so we decided to take advantage of the little bit of heat we had left and took a camping trip to Sinban. Its about an hour and a half bus ride from Seobu bus terminal in Daegu and once in sinban you can take a 10 000 won (about $10) cab ride to the camping ground Madu camping as far as I remember.
I have done quite a bit of camping in Korea but most of it has been on beaches so I wasnt too sure what to expect of this in land camping ground. The taxi drive down was really pretty as you drove between the vast green hillsides before arriving at a very green campground situated almost between two mountains.
The landscape was great so I was more than happy but when I walked down to the bottom of the campground and saw a river running right next to the campground with a sheer mountain face on one side and the campground on the other I was definitely in my happy place. The water was beautiful and everything was so green! 
Needless to say we didnt waste any time before jumping off rocks into the river and getting shouted at by Koreans. Many Korean people cannot swim so half of them swim with life jackets and there is always some kind of life guard around blowing his whistle at you if you go beyond waist level. It took them about an hour of blowing their whistles and us diving off rocks for them to realize we obviously were not going to drown so they gave up.
I ended up making friends with a Korean guy who lent us his blow up boat to row around the river in. It was a lot of fun and Liz and I didnt get out of it for about 3 hours! Needless to say we were both pretty rosy cheeked and burnt the next day but it was definitely worth it.
I am so happy I went along on this trip and discovered this little gem that Korea has been hiding away. Too bad the weather is already getting cold, therefore cutting down our camping trips to the bare minimum.
I hope these photos do some justice to the scenery all around.

It might look like this kid is being helpful and pushing us along but actually he was being a little shit and dragging us back onto the rock every time I tried to row out! 

We rented a few cute tubes to swim in too

Chilling in my boat 

Our tiny little tents