Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Borneo - Back to KK

At the end of our trip we spent another two nights in KK. We arrived late afternoon the first day and stayed in the same hostel (Lavender Lodge) as we did on the way in, they were very accommodating and so friendly and provided us with all the information we could want. When we arrived they had upgraded us from a dorm room to a private room for no extra charge so that was great J
That evening we met two of our friends from Korea for a seafood dinner at the famous seafood market across the road from us. The food was spectacular and like real, good seafood in SA which I have really missed. We forgot that we were in a big city again though and asked them to just bring us what was good and whatever they recommended. On the islands you could get away with this as things aren’t very expensive but forgetting this little piece of info we ended up with a bill way more expensive than what we had planned! It was worth it though as the food was amazing and it was one of the last nights so why not take advantage?!
The following day Gabby wanted to sleep in but I didn’t want to waste any time so I made my way to Mamutik Island, also leaving from Jessleton point about 15 minutes or so by boat. This island was even smaller than the previous one and was packed with Korean and Chinese tourists. I made my way down to the furthest end of the beach where it was pretty secluded and set up for a day of tanning and reading. It was great to relax and be back in the sun and sea after the jungle and I met some interesting people who had come through to Malaysia with a volunteering organization to help build up the coral reefs in the area by planting a piece of coral in some cement and then planting them in the sea bed around the island. It was so fascinating to hear about it all! They also went to other parts of Borneo to help build kindergartens or do Nature Conservation. It is definitely something I will be looking into when travelling after Korea!!
That evening we went to a less popular seafood market along the harbor and had some amazing fish and prawns for a lot cheaper than the previous night. We also had Avocado smoothies! I know it doesn’t sound all that appetizing but oh my word were they delicious! I think there was coconut milk and a few other ingredients inside but whatever was all in there, was absolutely mouth watering! I wish I could have boxed up a few and brought them back with me!
On the last day we did some souvenir shopping and sight seeing before catching the flight back to Seoul.

GIANT horseshoe crab!

They killed the pretty rainbow fish ;'(

Avocado smoothie!

Some street art on the way to Jessleton point 

Mamutik Island

My secluded end of the beach :)

You could hire tents and camp on the island - wish I knew this earlier!

All in all an epic holiday in Borneo :)