Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Namhae Oktoberfest

I think I posted about this festival last year but I can't remember so I will refresh you all on what its all about. Well... I am sure you all know what Oktoberfest is and surprisingly enough there is a small German village on a small island in Korea called Namhae. So in the past few years they decided to capitalize on the amount of beer Koreans drink and form their own Oktoberfest. Its a really quaint little village with cobble stone streets, European style houses, great German beer and bratwurst!
Basically its another excuse for us to travel to other parts of Korea for another fun festival. So we made our way down to the island to search for some accommodation and found a pension style place not far from the village with an amazing view of the coastline. Once we'd settled in we went and joined the festivities!

Settling in at the pension

Gained a new shirt!

Ridiculous creatures

Liz stole a baby!

Besides for Oktoberfest, Namhae is a great island to visit. If you want to know more about it, go back in my posts and you'll see one giving you more info on it :)